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Assistant Director Position

Assistant Director                    

Part-Time (possible advancement to Full-Time)


  • 1 week paid vacation

  • 5 paid sick days

  • Paid trainings

  • Discounted childcare services






  • AS+ in Education, Business, or Management related field

  • 2+ years of experience in childcare related fields

  • 2+ years of experience in management

  • Good written and verbal communication skills

  • Computer literacy

  • Familiarity with Keystone Stars, PA Standards, and NAEYC

  • FBI, Criminal Background, Child Abuse Clearances

  • Two recommendation letters about previous childcare work experience

  • Health Assessment

  • Love and dedication for work with children








We are looking for a creative, responsible, and organized person to fill in a position of assistant director at our center. The responsibilities of the job include:

  • Assisting/substituting center’s director

  • Maintaining children/staff records

  • Maintaining center’s records

  • Assisting in public relations

  • Supervising daily activities

  • Maintaining health and safety standards

  • Assisting the program in maintaining NAEYC accreditation

  • Coordinating licensing reviews and pursue accreditation process for the center

  • Helping to ensure a positive, supportive, and stimulating classroom atmosphere

  • Overseeing curriculum development and implementation

  • Providing staff support for curriculum planning

  • Helping with staff hiring, scheduling, supervision, managing

  • Providing supervision and coaching as needed

  • Attending program leadership meetings and conduct staff team meetings

  • Providing a welcoming, positive, and professional atmosphere

  • Maintaining positive methods for parent communication

  • Be responsible for telephone calls, mail, and deliveries

  • Helping with registration, enrolment, tours, records, attendance, fee collection/deposit assistance

  • Supporting and facilitating the collaboration of childcare

  • Be responsible for the upkeep of office machinery

  • Ordering office and food supplies

  • Performing general office duties as necessary

  • Performing related duties as assigned


Resumes can be sent to  Following the submitted resume, an interview and additional paperwork may be required.

































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