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From humble beginnings, out of an urban Philadelphia area, Land of Children grew into a little sunny place on a hill in Bucks County (well... we are mostly situated on a plane, but you know what we mean :). What started off as a dream of one woman, devoted to the care and education of children, became a passionate commitment of a group of teachers and educators devoted to the same cause.

In 2005 we found our home in a small suburban area of Feasterville, situated right in the middle of a well known Sportplex area, surrounded by outdoor and indoor sport fields, playground, pools, and courts (and of course a conveniently placed parking lot, paved flat and all).


There were many challenges that our Land of Children family had to face these past years, but it only made us stronger and more up to the challenge. After all, one of the biggest rewards after our long journey is seeing our students after many years all grown up and happy. It brings tears to our eyes. When new children join our family, we can't help but feel a little sad knowing that one day they will leave us and become adults, but knowing that we can help them on the way there only brings us joy.




Land of Children is located in Feasterville, PA. We are a top-class certified facility and have 4 Keystone Stars. The school is located on an acre of outdoor facilities and playgrounds.



Our Mission is to provide exemplary childcare for the children of our community by offering a model program tailored to ensure the quality of a child's daily experiences.


Our primary goal is for children to feel safe and secure. Our school provides a warm and loving environment through which a child becomes familiar in a classroom setting. We wish for all the children in our care to discover a hobby and a hidden talent, to expand on the things they already know, and to have a great time with their peers. We also believe that a learning environment, that fosters respect for cultural diversity and utilizes an electric approach to education, allows for optimal growth and development of young children. Children's development tasks are to build trust, learn social skills, begin mastery of academic skills, and develop positive self-esteem. In order to best support these tasks, our program strives to provide developmentally appropriate activities, well-trained and consistent staff, a safe and healthy learning environment, and continuity of exemplary care.



Our Staff

We are educators, we are directors, we are teachers and we are students, we are helpers and administrators, cooks, assistants, councilors, but most of all we are also parents. Therefore, we know how important it is for a parent to find a loving and caring environment for their little sunshines. This here is a small group that keeps on changing and expanding, but always keeping the same ideal - that we are a family. Come and join us!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Land of Children Child Care and Private School. We are pleased that you are interested in joining our family. We want you to be a part of our school and your child's education.

We hope that your experience at our school is a great one and that you are secure in the fact that your child is well cared for. 



Tatyana Volkov (Principal)

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